Goodie Bag



The snare of compare grabs us all every now and then. We are fine doing our own things and being the best us we can be and then…then we see someone who has something going in their life that we want going on in ours!It doesn’t really matter what the thing is, all that we know is that it’s happening in their life not ours. It’s really easy to go down the road of compare. We see a gift or a blessing. We gotta have it. So we go banging around in our “house” trying to find where it is in us. We sign up for every conference we can find. We read all the books we can to “self-help” and in the end it’s like putting on an ill-fitting pair of shoes to go show off in. We look really bad. We fall. We stumble and trip. Maybe even falling into others causing them to fall. And, God forbid, if we encourage someone else to try on our “shoes”.
Compare does that. But compare comes from a lack of our own identity not lack of gifting or talent. This past weekend I had the honor to be on a ministry team at a retreat. It was a really amazing time and God moved in everyone who was there as a camper or minister. I was ministering with some pretty powerful women and I will admit that I started comparing a bit. Not much but enough… and any at all is too much. One night at our debriefing meeting just before bed one of the ladies kept making the comment “wow, I never knew that about you!” so I began just rattling off all kinds of “fun facts” about myself. Wow! It was quite the list. I’ve always wondered how I would minister without a “testimony”. I know we all have them and I thank God that mine isn’t one from hell…I know some of those stories and my heart breaks for people with them. So.. as I was saying I’ve always wondered how I would communicate the Gospel to people through the “story of my life” kind of way. Well the other night God used those women to set the record straight! I am blessed because not only do I have one story but I have a hundred stories of Gods redemption. I’ve done so much and gone so many places and lived so many lives that I’ve never been at a loss of words to be able to minister to anyone that I meet. It has never mattered their station in life. I’m just as comfortable in a five-star restaurant with business owners as I am around a campfire with a beer. One of the ladies put it like this ” your life is like a goodie bag. Each person gets a surprise and it’s what they need”.
I think so. My life is a party and when you show up in my life you get a goodie bag! I like that. I don’t have just one testimony of one life saved. I have a whole bunch of little testimonies that I can choose to give away…goodie bags…want one?

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  1. Girl, I always knew you were a god die bag from the get go! I love how God communicates thru you! Awesome blog! Love you bunches! M Sent from my iPad


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