intentional memories


I was at the gym this morning and I was this woman who looked like a friend of mine back in Buea,Cameroon. My heart for just a second got a little sad. I miss my friends there. It actually happens quite often, that I am reminded of my time there. Last night I was watching “Mulan” with my granddaughter and it reminded me of another friend and my heart got warm as i remembered here sitting with head phones on and singing the songs in the movie and that she wouldn’t actually watch the whole movie she would just fast forwarded to the singing parts. I smiled.
I like good memories. I’m glad my life is filled with far more good ones than bad ones. I intend to keep it that way. Our minds and hearts are too fragile to be filled with bad things. I’m intentional about maintaining the good things by cultivating good relationships. I’m not trying to create a bubble of self protection and I certainly don’t live sheltered but I am the one in control of my influences. So, if I want them to be all good it’s my choice. It is a choice and it can be a reality. I’m not deceived into believing utopia is possible but….if you are not good for me then there is no room for you in my memories.
Healthy relationships and good boundaries make it easy to have good memories…