Souls are made for searching


Over the past few months I’ve been challenged to do a lot of soul searching through a life coaching certification program that I’m in. That’s hard stuff and sometimes not so fun when you don’t like the answer you find yourself giving…(when you’re honest). It has been challenging and it has transformed my heart and relationships. The better me that I am means the better relationships I can have. Boundaries. I know where I stop and you start. Not everyone has the maturity to know these limits. Some people get walked all over and used and others get to do the walking.
Change doesn’t just happen. You have to be intentional about it. There has to be a transformation of your mind and heart. I’ve heard a teaching/doctrine recently that uses the word “formation”. Not sure thats biblical…but I’m no scholar…
The bible says by the renewing of our minds not getting a new one. What happens to the one we have if we just form a new one? It’ll still be there, right? I’m pretty sure this teachers heart is in the right place but has simply chosen the wrong word which in turn has created what I see as a false teaching. Anyway….
The transformation process isn’t always fun and it’s rarely easy but the payoff is eternal and priceless!!!! There is such rest in knowing who I am. Right here. Right now. Today!! Not in the great by and by after I die. But right now I can walk in the depth of what heaven thinks of me!! Some, unfortunately , can’t even wrap their head around the idea that heaven has a picture of us…an image if you will…let alone consider what that image might be.
I love asking God what He thinks of me! Sometimes I have a little difficulty liking what I hear but I am always excited to hear God speak to me. It means that A) God speaks, B) He is speaking to me and I’m hearing and C) He loves me enough to walk through the transformation with me. After all I just heard it from Him so it’s His idea and He says He will never leave or forsake me , right?!
Those are my little thoughts for this morning. I don’t agree with the “less of me more of God” belief that’s out there. It’s sad that people are taught to not think of themselves because it’s “prideful” …that’s bull!! So many of us are broken and circling a mountain and all we are told is to serve more and focus on others. All the while ignoring the hole within our own hearts. That’s not Jesus…
Focus on yourself. Get healing and others can live out of your overflow.
Your soul is made for searching and God wants to go with you on this journey. Rejoice. Be glad. It can only be the greatest adventure you can take!!

The photo is of me and my granddaughter. She always has her hand somewhere on my neck or head. As I looked at it just now it reminded me of how God wants to carry us and all we have to do is let Him and hang on!! And we can watch the sunrise together…this is the day that The Lord has made…BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!