Do it. Own it. Love it.


It’s motivation and inspiration. It’s a taunt and it’s a challenge. It makes you hate it!!! And it’s trademarked.
Those are the most obnoxious three words ever!!! And yet….

And yet they drive thousands of people to get out of bed and grab whatever gear is needed for whatever “it” is that begs for them to “just do”. That phrase taunts a person with every step ran, mile peddled, stair stepped. You name it, the mantra that pushes,pulls, goads, and nags at our consciousness is made of those three little words. Just those eight letters and two spaces will make a grown man sweat, puke or cry. But they won’t let him give up. If you own them. Because once you own them they are fuel. They become part of you even though you hate them. Then one day you are “just doing it” and you love them. You thank them for those times they pissed you off and made you choose between your warm bed and a freezing rainy run. Somewhere along the journey they become your friends.
It doesn’t matter if you are an athlete or not. Whether you support NIKE or not….(by the way the word “NIKE” is a Greek word that means “victorious warrior”. So I don’t think it was coincidence that the hottest slogan besides “got milk” pushes you to “just do it”. You can’t be victorious if you’re not doing anything!)
This goes for your spiritual journey as well. Those of us who’ve tried and failed and tried again…and again…and again…and frustratingly again MUST JUST DO IT. Relationship is intentional. You have to “do” it. It doesn’t just happen. We have to just do it until we love it. It does just happen. There is purpose in the persevering. There is reward…great reward. There are riches for those who “just do it”.
I know this can sound like “works” and “doing”. Quite frankly it is. All good things take work. You get out of it what you put into it…another cliche…and true none the less!!!
I encourage you to dive in and Just Do It!! Pick an “IT” and pursue it with intention!!!!